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Synthetic urine reviews 2017 | What are the best fake urine brands

synthetic urine

There are so many ” how to pass a drug test”  websites nowadays, most of them try to sell you some detox products or provide some general information and they expect some clicks on their advertisements. Whenever you need to prepare for a drug test always do some research, check out some legit synthetic urine reviews to know what works and what doesn’t, some of these synthetic urine reviews are also fake because the publisher gets money from the urine manufacturer to promote their products. You need to be very careful, always check different websites and use some common sense.

Best Synthetic urine for lab test 2017

Most of these synthetic urine reviews for instance promote Quick Fix synthetic urine and U pass. I personally think the best fake urine for drug test is Sub Solution and Monkey Whizz. I am not saying Quick fix isnt good, but its a little bit overhyped. Of course Quick Fix is a good and reliable brand, but I would never use it on a lab test, for lab test I recommend the best synthetic urine which is Sub Solution. Slightly more expensive then quick fix, but it won’t fail you I can assure you. It comes with heat activating powder, so its really easy to find the right temperature (this is the main cause why so many people fail their test).

When to use Synthetic urine for drug test

Synthetic urine is the best and easiest way to pass a urine drug test, but in some cases its too risky to use. I am talking about supervised test, you know when some lab employee standing behind you, watching you pee. These are very rare, because most tests are unsupervised, but it happens sometimes. It occurs usually when you are on probation or when you have failed a couple of drug tests already.

If its a simple employment drug test, then they won’t follow you to the testing room. In these cases I recommend detox drinks or certo. Detox drinks are far more reliable, than the certo method, but If you can not afford to invest 40-50$ in a good quality marijuana cleansing drink, then Certo is the way to go. Please note, there are so many stupid certo drug test videos online, some of them are utter bullshit and I bet those guys never passed any test with certo, they are just doing this shit for more views and subscribers.

What are the worst synthetic urine brands in 2017

There are a lot of talk about the best synthetic urine brands, obviously because every website recommends the one which pays commission, but no one talks about the worst fake urine brands for drug test. What are those brands what you should avoid like plague? Well, in my opinion the worst brands are :

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • Klean Stream synthetic urine
  • U pass
  • P sure fake urine
  • X Stream Synthetic urine

Some of these are pretty popular you can see them in head shops and advertisements, but trust me, most of these urines are outdated and some actually never worked. Its 2017 and not 1994 when you could pass a urine test with yellow colored water, those times are long gone. Labs stepped up their games so synthetic urine providers should do the same. A good quality synthetic urine should contains plenty of chemicals, most importantly: urea and uric acid, they must look and smell like real urine, and of course its very important to be able to keep it on the right temperature.

I hope you liked my short synthetic urine review, I have great experience in drug testing and detox products so you can be sure I am giving you quality information. Always check out synthetic and detox product reviews before shopping online, there are so many crap out there, much more than you would ever think. In my next article I will write a short review on the best urine addicitives, what are they and how to use them properly to pass a urine drug test.