How to pass a saliva drug test

How to pass a mouth swab test

One of my friends asked me how to pass a saliva drug test on short notice. Well saliva drug tests are not so common, so most of us doesn’t have to worry about saliva drug testing, but in other countries such as the UK or Australia it happens quite often. In the UK there is a new roadside drug testing policy. The policeman can pull you over and test your saliva with a mouth swab test, its as fast as an alcohol test. If you smoked in the last few days and you are not prepared then you are busted. There are however what if you learn you will be able to pass any saliva drug test even within a minute.

What are the most common drug test

The most common drug test here in the states is urine drug test, I belive this is the most common everywhere in the world. I will post an other article dedicated to urine drug tests later. Then there are blood drug tests, fingernail tests and hair drug tests as well. Drug leaves your blood relatively fast so it shouldnt be a problem. If you have 4-5 days then your blood will be clean of drugs in most cases (unless you smoke like a chimney). If you have time and money, then you can detox your blood with Toxin rid detox pills.

Hair drug tests are also rare and its the hardest to pass. It requires a lot of preparation, various detox products and 250-300$ to buy everything. I might post an article later on how to pass a hair drug test, but in this article I wanna discuss saliva drug testing.

how to pass a saliva test

How to pass a saliva drug test

Honestly, passing a saliva drug test is super easy. First you must stop smoking weed,using drugs. If you have 2-3 days then you will pass the test with flying colors just by washing your teeth&gum 3–4 times a day for a good five minutes. Do not forget to brush your gum as well, because they will take the saliva from there. You should also flush your mouth with Listerine or any other mouth wash brand a couple of times. If you follow this simple advice then you will pass your test 100%. People are usually suprised, but its really that easy. Do not overdue it otherwise you gum will start bleeding, just gently!

How to pass a mouth swab test on short notice even within a minute

Saliva drug test are often used after accidents, lets say you cause an accident on the road or at your workplace then your employer can saliva drug test you. Its cheap and relatively fast. As I mentioned earlier, roadside drugtesting is also getting more and more popular. For these rare scenarious there is a detox gum called oral clear. This gum starts working within 30 seconds and it cleans your saliva for up to 30 minutes. Cool isn’t it? This gum is small so you can have one in your pocket/ car wherever you go. Lets say the police tell you to pull over, you still have time to take the gum and start chewing it.

Most policeman have absolutely no idea that such a gum exist so you can easily trick them, they will see your are chewing a gum thats, it and like I said it start working within 30 seconds, so there is no way that you couldnt keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds. For random drug test situations this gum is highly recommended. There is an other product called Toxin Wash. Its a mouth wash, works the same as the gum, easy way to pass a saliva drug test. Just keep it in your mouth for hal minutes, spit it out and it provides clear zone for up to 30 minutes. However I prefer the gum, because its smaller, you can hide it much more easily.

Thats it guys, like I said its easy to pass a mouth swab test, if you live in a country where mouth swab tests are more common and you are a frequent marijuana smoker then get a gum, be prepared.