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Economic Benefits from the Legalization of Marijuana


Of all the debate, especially lately, revolving around the legalization of marijuana, an impact often overlooked is the economic effects such a large legislative change would bring. And when analyzed the most likely end result is that it would be one of positive reverberations.

The economic benefits of legalizing marijuana are larger than passing thought would give or even assume. The first action that would have to be done would be the release of people in jail for marijuana related charges, from dealers, traffickers, and users. If convicted for other drug charges, they stay, that’s another debate for another time.

Critics say that such a large scale change in legislature cannot be handled by the government over night. Correct, this is not a flip of the switch fix, but it would have to start somewhere. First benefit of this is the pressure release on the nation’s overcrowded prison system, immediate relief there. If the government does need more man power to handle the effort, pull from the rising unemployment pool. If the government wants to be the lead horse in our economic world then they can start the stimulus, sounds only fair right? These newly employed individuals then spend their money on all the usual goods the average citizen does, in turn benefitting the economy.

Legal weed

Legalization of marijuana should not stop at the consumption, but production as well, albeit it under much regulation. Marijuana can be turned into a regularly consumed, but regulated luxury good such as cigarettes and alcohol. This would create a spark of tangible growth for the weakened economy.

Facilities would be opened for the legitimate production of marijuana, creation of businesses and vendors that serve the needs of these facilities, and so on and so forth down the industrial line. This would bring about purchasing of materials, marketing investments, and potential large scale brand name marijuana vendors nationally.Its also importan that companies must stop drug testing their employees.

These businesses would be American based, paying American taxes. People aren’t potentially sending their money out of country where it fuels a drug lord’s terrorized ruling of an impoverished third world nation’s people. Most likely the sale would be regulated with a decided upon age limit around or the same as alcohol or tobacco.

Federal and local governments can reroute money from the war on marijuana and direct it elsewhere, such as our underfunded school systems and aging infrastructure. Less money may also be needed for the newly load-lightened prison system, with a sudden decrease in all the costs associated with keeping a person in prison.

Creation of marijuana bars would be one example of a business that could come about with the legalization of weed. One only has to look at Amsterdam’s growing economy to see the benefits. America is such a major nation it would not be labeled with a moniker such as ‘that place where weed is legal’ as some think of Amsterdam. The building of these bars or restoration of vacated buildings are obvious benefits which would resonate throughout local economies.

The medical industry, although generally seen as opponents of marijuana legalization, could even embrace the expanded acceptance, new opportunities and invest more research into the benefits of marijuana. Potential scenarios could be the breeding of the plants to target symptoms, as different weed has varying effects on the body.

Once again, this research could lead to the creation of facilities and jobs, all while promoting a safe, organically created substance. It would be beneficial for anyone who cannot afford prescription medicine. If the point of a medication is to alleviate symptoms, why not an already known, Earth made product.

If marijuana does this for someone, then it should be there option to choose the medicine that benefits them as they see best. It would be cheaper than pharmaceutical medication that regular kills people from overdoses.

There are many more benefits not touched on here, and that very fact shows the wide stretching positive economic effects that could potentially come about with the legalization of marijuana. America was founded on freedom of choice in our personal lives. And to deny another man something that grows from the Earth seems to go against a fundamentally understood concept around since our primitive days. Legalization of marijuana would not be a silver bullet aimed at stimulating the economy, but it would be another round in the clip this new administration is going to need.

Legal Issues on Marijuana

Marijuana laws and legal punishments work really well, after all, even with a mandatory minimum sentencing and the possibility of life in prison without parole, there are still almost 50,000 inmates sitting in prison based primarily on marijuana offenses (Schlosser 14). These threats of federal punishments do not seem to deter soon to be marijuana offenders because new offenders are convicted of breaking marijuana laws on a daily basis. A

lthough smoking marijuana may not be the most outstanding or moral thing to do, it is not the most harmful thing you can be locked up for by a long shot; yet marijuana sentences could match up to, or even be worse than many violent crimes including murder. These statistics may suggest that a new approach to dealing with marijuana besides the legal system might be in order. If locking up marijuana offenders will not deter would be offenders, perhaps education and reform might be a better bet to changing the way marijuana is perceived and hopefully help prevent abuse.

In 2016, roughly 724,000 people in the United States were arrested for violating marijuana laws. Most of these arrests were for simple possession, which could lead to jail time. Some of these arrests could even be tried twice and serve two sentences, first by state, then again by different federal laws (Schlosser). With a mandatory minimum sentence, judges lose the power to sentence small offenders based on how morally wrong the crime actually was; in some cases, the person might just have happened to pick up a bag of green and did not even know what it was.

Legal issues of weed

Many people could be sentenced to prison when really, it will not help much on changing the person’s marijuana habits, and will just ruining someone’s life. In addition to ruining individuals, marijuana laws run the country’s economy for expenses to enforce these laws and the penitentiaries to hold the inmates. Although everyone has a different view on the use and distribution of marijuana, it can generally accepted that a marijuana offense is nowhere near the severity of armed robbery, rape and murder, but it is still possible for a marijuana offender to end up serving sentences that could even be harsher than the punishments of these violent criminals.

Although smoking marijuana may not be as destructive as violent crimes, in no way is it a completely harmless drug that everyone should be smoking every day. Unlike many other drugs, including legal ones such as tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is not physically addictive, is relatively physically harmless (if used in moderation), and does not cause the user to become violent or completely crazy, on the contrary, marijuana calms the user down and makes him more mellow and sometimes even inspired. However, this calming and mellow effect of marijuana tends to make its user extremely lazy, which leads to a decrease in the performance of schoolwork, athletics, and work. Like other influential drugs, such as the legal alcohol, you should never operate a vehicle or be around dangerous equipment while high on marijuana.

These effects of marijuana go without saying; if you know you have a big exam or project due, a basketball game to win, you should not be getting high, and the same goes for driving. If you get high before going to work or school, then marijuana is not to be blamed, the user is. Similar to alcohol, marijuana should be used responsibly, so I also propose that laws be rethought to be similar to alcohol laws, such as an age limit, and not being high in public where your high could affect the well-being of other people. Education and rehabilitation will also be extremely beneficial to promote safe and nondestructive marijuana use.

“‘Drug problems are health problems, not criminal justice problems,’ Johnson told an audience at the Yale Law School in November, 2016. ‘The war on drugs is an absolute failure'” (Schlosser 66). This quote brings up a good point: why are we punishing people for putting themselves in a position where they potentially disadvantage themselves, should we not instead be helping them?

There are many cases where a marijuana offender is let out of jail and nothing changes; in many cases such as Mark Young, the marijuana offender will even find some way to obtain marijuana in the penitentiaries and get high even while serving his sentence (Schlosser 72). Instead of locking up marijuana offenders where they will not learn anything about marijuana, there should instead be a system of reform and rehabilitation.

Whenever a person breaks a marijuana law, such as going out in public or driving while high, he should be required to attend some sort of rehabilitation center over a period of time; so as to not tax the public and also for a slight consequence (such as drug testing and failng a drug test), the patient will have to pay for the rehabilitation process themselves. In these rehabilitation centers, the patients will learn about marijuana, all of the effects, the consequences, why there are certain times that getting high is okay and why others are not, and how to use marijuana responsibly. Marijuana and getting high does not have to be a sinful or bad thing in the lives of people, the key idea is moderation. Getting high as a need cannot be good, whereas recreational use of marijuana has almost no ill effects at all. Hopefully, this process will be a productive use of the patient’s time in the education of responsible and moderate use of marijuana instead of just wasting time not learning anything in jail.

Unfortunately, prison time is sometimes necessary, after all, it would be a tragedy if underage teenagers were smoking marijuana. Most teenagers are usually not mature enough to understand responsibility, not to mention the idea of responsibly getting high.

Teenagers have to keep their priorities straight because these are the years that can make or break a person; marijuana is only a hindrance in keeping the priorities of an underage mind straight. Strict enforcement must be used on anyone who tries to hinder the growth of underage minds; we should have no tolerance for the selling and distribution of marijuana to people under the age of twenty one years old. There will also be legal consequences for anyone driving or operating dangerous machinery under the influence of marijuana. These are the main reasons that getting high can be dangerous, so legal action must be taken to prevent laziness and other problems for our children and possible deaths of driving under an influence.

The current system of dealing with marijuana use is not working out very efficiently. Almost one out of every three people in America above the age of twelve has smoked marijuana before, hundreds of thousands of people are arrested yearly for marijuana offenses, lives are pushed back and sometimes even ruined due to harsh sentences, and not much improvement can even come out of the imprisonment of marijuana users.

Marijuana should not even be considered dangerous when compared to other narcotics, including the legal alcohol and tobacco. Millions upon billions of dollars are spent enforcing futile marijuana laws and prison sentences that could be better used on other criminals. Though some cases of legal consequences are necessary, jail time will not be the answer to America’s marijuana problems, instead we should be looking towards rehabilitation, reform, and education to change the future of marijuana use and its consequences. With a shift from legal consequences in jail to consequences and reform in a rehabilitation center, hopefully America will become educated in the effects of marijuana, and abuse and irresponsible use will be ended in the future.

Smoking Marijuana Increases Chance of Developing Psychosis

smoking weed Developing Psychosis

Several recent studies have suggested an associative link between cannabis use and psychosis stressing an increased vulnerability during adolescence. This increased risk has everything to do with stress on the developing brain. The most recent study in the “Archives of General Psychiatry”, released on-line in advance of print.

Marijuana, while sedating in some, causes an increase in anxiety levels and paranoia in others. Use of M.R.I. testing showed that heavy use of marijuana caused brain abnormalities quite similar to those seen in people with schizophrenia. In those individuals who already have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, the brain abnormalities were shown to be more pronounced. Also a major concern was that the damage occurred in areas of the brain related to auditory and language function as these areas continue to develop during adolescence.

In marijuana, the concentration of THC, the plants psychoactive compound, is relative to the development of addiction. The stronger the concentration of the THC, and the more marijuana smoked, the greater the risk of dependence. Those individuals who suffer from one of the mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, can have an exacerbation of symptoms including mania and rapid cycling.Developing Psychosis

The bottom line to all who choose to indulge, especially young people, do so with the knowledge that risks are involved. We hear a lot about pot being harmless, or not a big deal such as cocaine or heroin. However, it is a psychoactive drug changing the actions of the brain. All such drugs have risks involved in their use and caution should be taken.

Synthetic urine reviews 2017 | What are the best fake urine brands

synthetic urine

There are so many ” how to pass a drug test”  websites nowadays, most of them try to sell you some detox products or provide some general information and they expect some clicks on their advertisements. Whenever you need to prepare for a drug test always do some research, check out some legit synthetic urine reviews to know what works and what doesn’t, some of these synthetic urine reviews are also fake because the publisher gets money from the urine manufacturer to promote their products. You need to be very careful, always check different websites and use some common sense.

Best Synthetic urine for lab test 2017

Most of these synthetic urine reviews for instance promote Quick Fix synthetic urine and U pass. I personally think the best fake urine for drug test is Sub Solution and Monkey Whizz. I am not saying Quick fix isnt good, but its a little bit overhyped. Of course Quick Fix is a good and reliable brand, but I would never use it on a lab test, for lab test I recommend the best synthetic urine which is Sub Solution. Slightly more expensive then quick fix, but it won’t fail you I can assure you. It comes with heat activating powder, so its really easy to find the right temperature (this is the main cause why so many people fail their test).

When to use Synthetic urine for drug test

Synthetic urine is the best and easiest way to pass a urine drug test, but in some cases its too risky to use. I am talking about supervised test, you know when some lab employee standing behind you, watching you pee. These are very rare, because most tests are unsupervised, but it happens sometimes. It occurs usually when you are on probation or when you have failed a couple of drug tests already.

If its a simple employment drug test, then they won’t follow you to the testing room. In these cases I recommend detox drinks or certo. Detox drinks are far more reliable, than the certo method, but If you can not afford to invest 40-50$ in a good quality marijuana cleansing drink, then Certo is the way to go. Please note, there are so many stupid certo drug test videos online, some of them are utter bullshit and I bet those guys never passed any test with certo, they are just doing this shit for more views and subscribers.

What are the worst synthetic urine brands in 2017

There are a lot of talk about the best synthetic urine brands, obviously because every website recommends the one which pays commission, but no one talks about the worst fake urine brands for drug test. What are those brands what you should avoid like plague? Well, in my opinion the worst brands are :

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • Klean Stream synthetic urine
  • U pass
  • P sure fake urine
  • X Stream Synthetic urine

Some of these are pretty popular you can see them in head shops and advertisements, but trust me, most of these urines are outdated and some actually never worked. Its 2017 and not 1994 when you could pass a urine test with yellow colored water, those times are long gone. Labs stepped up their games so synthetic urine providers should do the same. A good quality synthetic urine should contains plenty of chemicals, most importantly: urea and uric acid, they must look and smell like real urine, and of course its very important to be able to keep it on the right temperature.

I hope you liked my short synthetic urine review, I have great experience in drug testing and detox products so you can be sure I am giving you quality information. Always check out synthetic and detox product reviews before shopping online, there are so many crap out there, much more than you would ever think. In my next article I will write a short review on the best urine addicitives, what are they and how to use them properly to pass a urine drug test.

The Closing of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Federal Way, Washington


Medical marijuana has grown increasingly common in Washington State since a law was passed in 1998 making it legal under certain conditions. The closing of medical marijuana dispensaries in Federal Way Washington state had prompted many to rethink just how legal it is. The biggest issue that medical marijuana currently faces in Washington State is the interpretation of the laws surrounding it.
The Status of Medical Marijuana

Currently, medical marijuana is allowed in Washington State under a patient/provider framework. Each patient must get their doctors recommendation in order to become a recipient of medical marijuana. Each provider must have a patient that agrees to become their patient. They then must operate within the state laws for the amounts of medical marijuana that they can provide.

The Ambiguity

The problem with current statutes on medical marijuana is the ambiguity that one specific clause creates. This clause states that each provider can provide for “one patient at a time”. It does not designate exactly what “at a time” means. Many lawyers, providers, and patients have interpreted this to mean that you can only provide to one person at that instance in time. For example, you sell to one patient before you sell to another a minute later. Reading the law, this is an extremely fair interpretation of it.

Issues arise when we start to look at the way the other side interprets the same section. Federal Way police have decided in this one example that “one patient at a time” means that the provider may have only one patient total. Dispensaries in Federal Way are having issues because-among other reasons- interpreting this law can be performed in different manners. The closing of medical marijuana dispensaries in February of 2011 illustrates this dilemma.

Federal and State Status

Although the Obama administration decided in early 2011 that it would no longer prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries, states and municipalities can do so. In Washington State, areas that suffer severe gang problems have often chosen to do this because they are afraid that medical marijuana dispensaries could serve as a gateway for more gang violence.

Areas such as Tacoma have a record of crime and rising gang violence; municipalities are justifiably afraid that gangs could take over dispensaries-or target them. Because of the difficulty involved in starting a dispensary-and the strong chances of municipalities misinterpreting Washington State law- many dispensaries do not operate on a completely legal status in Washington State.

Current legislation places dispensaries in a legal grey area where they either cannot follow the law or are strongly impeded from doing so. In the town of Mount Lake Terrace, the municipality has decided that there will be no medical marijuana dispensaries.

The closing of medical marijuana dispensaries in Federal Way has a greater significance for Washington State as a whole. As more dispensaries start up, they are met with a double edged sword. If they operate according to the letter of the law, law enforcement agencies know of their existence and can use them as example cases.

If they choose to operate under the table, they are free from targeted persecution, but are operating illegally. Dispensaries are left with a choice then between operating illegally or becoming targets for vigilante law enforcement groups. The worst of it though, is where it leaves the patients. Medical marijuana had been legalized so that patients with no other option have something to ease their pain. Without a dispensary to buy from, they are left with no options.

Although many undoubtedly getting medical marijuana who do not strictly require it, it is not them that modern medicine seeks to serve .There will always be people willing to take advantage of medically prescribed Morphine or Vicadin-yet we still prescribe these drugs.

Modern science realizes that there are practical uses for these drugs as there is to medical marijuana. The best way to protect against illicit use of any drug is by better regulation and practice, not by outlawing it. Current lobbyist groups in Washington State seek to do just that by taking away the grey area. Although the closing of medical marijuana dispensaries has recently captured the public eye, it is merely an example of a broader problem.

Does Drug Testing Your Teen Stop Them from Using Illegal Drugs?


Did you know that your kids can easily access drugs, even more so than when you were younger? Does this mean they should be regularly drug tested to prevent such activity? Or will this just cause them to feel like their privacy is violated? This is an important issue in parenting and must be addressed before it’s too late.

Besides sexual relations, drugs are probably one of the most awkward things to talk about with your kid. Unfortunately, even just talking about drugs might not be sufficient to curb its use. You must confront them, and the time is now. In fact, parents who have such conversations with their teenage children experience a dramatic decrease in the likelihood of their children being drawn to drugs.

But even after mustering up the strength to talk, how do you as a parent know your kid is honestly taking your advice?

The solution is testing for drugs, in the confines of your own home. If your teen is bored and is offered drugs, what will deter them more than the thought of testing positive to his/her own parents? You may lose some popularity among your kid and his/her friends, but it will all be worth it. “My parents might drug test me” stands up much better to the pressure of peers than most other responses!

With the thought of losing such newfound privileges as operating a vehicle, being able to go out on weekends, teens will end up using drugs far less and therefore spending less time with their drug abusing peers.

Luckily, in home drug tests are more affordable than you might think. You can easily start testing your child’s urine for drugs, alcohol, and even nicotine, with results coming in just a matter of minutes. In case things go bad (which they often might), sites like include lists of local drug shelters and addiction counseling centers to rescue your kid from the deep end. You can test your kids urine, but saliva is probably the best.

Your kit will also include a rundown of the multitude of drugs your teen might end up trying, along with side effects, reactions, and other dangers of such illicit substances. Who would you rather find your kid under the influence of drugs and alcohol: you or some police officer? Perhaps you’d want the principal of his/her school to be the first to know? I thought not. Save your child’s future, reputation, and maybe even his/her life by starting in home drug testing today.

How to pass a saliva drug test

How to pass a mouth swab test

One of my friends asked me how to pass a saliva drug test on short notice. Well saliva drug tests are not so common, so most of us doesn’t have to worry about saliva drug testing, but in other countries such as the UK or Australia it happens quite often. In the UK there is a new roadside drug testing policy. The policeman can pull you over and test your saliva with a mouth swab test, its as fast as an alcohol test. If you smoked in the last few days and you are not prepared then you are busted. There are however what if you learn you will be able to pass any saliva drug test even within a minute.

What are the most common drug test

The most common drug test here in the states is urine drug test, I belive this is the most common everywhere in the world. I will post an other article dedicated to urine drug tests later. Then there are blood drug tests, fingernail tests and hair drug tests as well. Drug leaves your blood relatively fast so it shouldnt be a problem. If you have 4-5 days then your blood will be clean of drugs in most cases (unless you smoke like a chimney). If you have time and money, then you can detox your blood with Toxin rid detox pills.

Hair drug tests are also rare and its the hardest to pass. It requires a lot of preparation, various detox products and 250-300$ to buy everything. I might post an article later on how to pass a hair drug test, but in this article I wanna discuss saliva drug testing.

how to pass a saliva test

How to pass a saliva drug test

Honestly, passing a saliva drug test is super easy. First you must stop smoking weed,using drugs. If you have 2-3 days then you will pass the test with flying colors just by washing your teeth&gum 3–4 times a day for a good five minutes. Do not forget to brush your gum as well, because they will take the saliva from there. You should also flush your mouth with Listerine or any other mouth wash brand a couple of times. If you follow this simple advice then you will pass your test 100%. People are usually suprised, but its really that easy. Do not overdue it otherwise you gum will start bleeding, just gently!

How to pass a mouth swab test on short notice even within a minute

Saliva drug test are often used after accidents, lets say you cause an accident on the road or at your workplace then your employer can saliva drug test you. Its cheap and relatively fast. As I mentioned earlier, roadside drugtesting is also getting more and more popular. For these rare scenarious there is a detox gum called oral clear. This gum starts working within 30 seconds and it cleans your saliva for up to 30 minutes. Cool isn’t it? This gum is small so you can have one in your pocket/ car wherever you go. Lets say the police tell you to pull over, you still have time to take the gum and start chewing it.

Most policeman have absolutely no idea that such a gum exist so you can easily trick them, they will see your are chewing a gum thats, it and like I said it start working within 30 seconds, so there is no way that you couldnt keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds. For random drug test situations this gum is highly recommended. There is an other product called Toxin Wash. Its a mouth wash, works the same as the gum, easy way to pass a saliva drug test. Just keep it in your mouth for hal minutes, spit it out and it provides clear zone for up to 30 minutes. However I prefer the gum, because its smaller, you can hide it much more easily.

Thats it guys, like I said its easy to pass a mouth swab test, if you live in a country where mouth swab tests are more common and you are a frequent marijuana smoker then get a gum, be prepared.

The most exclusive benefits of the weed legalization

Recreational use of the weed is increased throughout the world in recent years. Every user of premium yet affordable weed these days get 100% satisfaction and enhance their health beyond their expectations. If you are aware about the weed legalization in your state at this time, then you can make an informed decision for your weed shopping issues in online. There are many things to consider before buying any pack of weed from any brand on the market. For example, you have to be conscious on the quality of weed, reputation of the brand, cost of the weed package, safety of payment system in online and shipping facility.

Medical benefits of weed in our time increase the overall interests of teenagers and adults worldwide towards the investment in high quality weed. Sufferers of ailments can make use of the weed and heal their ill health condition within a short period. They do not get any negative side effect when they properly use the weed. As compared to smoking the most harmful substances for recreational purpose, you can smoke the natural herb namely weed in the best manner. You will get the best pleasure as safe as possible.

There are loads of medical uses of weed. However, the most important medical benefits of weed grasp the attention of everyone who seeks the natural way to be healthy further. A weed is used to improve the lung health, reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco, control epileptic seizures, reduce the seizure disorder symptoms, stop spreading of cancer, decrease anxiety, slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, treat inflammatory bowel diseases and enhance metabolism. You can directly consult with your doctor soon after you have decided to safely use the weed and get pleasure and health benefits together.